Dab or flash vaporize our concentrates at low temperatures. Dabbing is oil applied to a hot surface and inhaled. Vaping is oil added to a cartridge that attaches to a battery.

Concentrates  are generally more potent than flowers, therefore, we suggest starting with small doses at low temperatures. 


Concentrate Extract

Concentrate oils come in many forms: sauce, live resin, sugar, shatter, crumble and wax and are determined by the extraction process. Raw Garden focuses on high quality sauce and live resin.

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Oil Rig

Rigs can be made from glass and/or a mixture of metal. Electronic rigs are also coming onto the market and do not require a separate heat source.


Banger Bowl

Bowls come in various forms, also known as a banger or nail, they are designed to absorb the high heat that is needed for vaporization and combustion.


Carb cap + Tool

Utility tools are usually made from quartz, titanium or ceramic. They help to stir oils and scoop dabs, or servings of oil, into your rig. Carb caps add pressure and airflow to circulate the oil evenly while inhaling.


Torch + Timer

A butane torch helps to provide high concentrated heat that is applied to your nail or banger. A separate timer (or the one on your phone) can help you determine the adequate cool down time - between 45 and 90 seconds. You want to avoid burning or scorching the oil or the nail.



Cannabis concentrates last longer when kept refrigerated or frozen. Proper storage means avoiding light, heat, and moisture. Read more here: